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Thanksgiving Packing Guide

November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving Packing Guide

The less time you spend waiting by the baggage carousel, the better, right? It’s become somewhat of an unspoken travel rule and one that so many of us have wholeheartedly embraced by trying to cram as much as humanly possible into our carry-ons! The thought of avoiding checked baggage fees is one that gives us fuzzy feelings and excitement at the prospect of being able to spend that money (no matter how large or small the amount) on something else.

The downside is that having to be super pragmatic and minimal about what to pack can sometimes be a struggle. There are tons of packing guides out there to make things easier, but Travel Fashion Girl’s Thanksgiving Packing Guide is one that makes packing for the holidays a breeze!

The list helps you narrow your wardrobe down to 10 items, including tops, bottoms, PJs, footwear & outerwear! The list is easy, versatile and guarantees that you won’t over pack. You might even have enough room for that post-Thanksgiving care package that your mom is guaranteed to send you home with!

You can get the full guide by clicking here.

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