4 Apps That’ll Make Thanksgiving Travel a Breeze

Whether it’s a short flight or a family-style extended car ride, navigating your way through Thanksgiving travel can be daunting at times. The beauty of being alive in 2017 is that there’s no shortage of tech-based help to get you through it.

Apps have become a seamless part of our everyday lives. It’s barely been a decade since the launch of the first app stores and since then, apps have totally changed the way we work, socialize, play and travel.  It completely makes sense if you think about the fact that our phones are constantly with us.

Looking for an app that takes the guessing out of wait-times for airport security lines? How about an app that estimates Thanksgiving traffic and warns you beforehand?  

The LA Times has got you covered with article that serves as a guide to 4 must-have apps when travelling during the holiday season. You can read all about it here. 

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