The Ultimate Thanksgiving Playlist

Bad news? Thanksgiving Carols still aren’t thing. Good news? There are plenty of songs that celebrate food, family, good vibes and the spirit of gratitude.

Esquire created the ultimate list of Thanksgiving jams to add to your holiday weekend playlist. What makes this list so great is the variety or artists, genres and eras. There’s a little something for everyone!

If you’re looking to score extra points with the grandparents, play James Brown’s iconic dance song named after a certain Thanksgiving side dish. There’s a pretty good chance that you’ll get to them to admit out loud that you’re their favorite grandkid. 

There are indie cuts from bands like The Shins and Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros to impress your impossibly hipster cousin and Kanye West’s “Family Business” is a genius holiday rap anthem that perfectly captures that feeling of being surrounded by your loved ones.

No list of anything involving copious amounts of feelings is complete without the king of musical feels himself, Drake! You can find the full list of songs, here. 

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