Great luggage shouldn’t cost more than your airfare™

We’ve always believed you should spend your travel budget on experiences, not luggage. So in 2012, we set out to break the industry mold — combining high-quality, smart functionality and great style, all in a shockingly affordable package. Since then we’ve accomplished a lot.

We’ve introduced millions of travelers to affordable, beautiful, high-quality luggage. And in a range of sizes, colors and features that are as diverse and unique as the people who travel with them. We’ve partnered with Walmart, to bring you assortments and prices our travelers love. And we’ve honored our Honest Warranty, where if anything goes wrong, we just take care of you.

Great luggage shouldn’t cost more than your airfare. That’s been our promise to you from day one. We're going to keep delivering on that promise.

- the iFLY team