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Are Bare Feet the Cure for Jetlag?

October 20, 2017

Are Bare Feet the Cure for Jetlag?

For every vacation abroad, ocean crossed and time zone explored, jetlag can be a notorious buzzkill for any traveller.

From insomnia to headaches to that feeling of extreme tiredness when you’d rather be exploring, jetlag often seems to beat us before we find a way to conquer it first.

Recently, Cosmo dropped an article about a recent study that says the cure to jetlag may be as simple as letting out your inner hippie, taking off your shoes and hanging out barefoot on grass, mud or sand. 

Backed by scientists and wellness experts alike, “grounding” is meant to help to you reconnect with the earth after being disconnected while you were in-flight.

Curious about how grounding gets rid of jetlag? You can learn more here.

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