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Admiral's key features include a USB port, scratch resistant exterior, integrated TSA lock and a built in laundry bag.  


Features & Specs

Here's everything you need to know: 


• Lifetime warranty
• Scratch resistant
• USB port (battery not included) 
• Discreet electronics pocket to store your battery and devices
• Integrated TSA accepted lock
• Removable laundry bag
• Wet pocket
• Rubber grip trolley handle
• Soft gel carry handles
• Expansion zipper adds 2” depth
• Four electroplated 360° double wheels
• Tie-down straps to keep all your clothes in place 


• Carry-on
7.5 lbs / 3.4 kg
20“ x 13” x 9.5“ + 2” expansion

TSA Lock Instructions

Instructions come directly from Travel Sentry, the creators of TSA accepted locks.

STEP 1: Locate the button under the bottom of the combination lock.

STEP 2: Push the button in and hold it down while turning the dials to the desired combination. Turn each dial to a separate digit by aligning the numbers with the bold grid line located between the dials. Use three numbers that are easy for you to remember.

STEP 3: Release the button under the lock to set the combination.

STEP 4: To be sure the combination is properly locked, test it by turning the dials to the new combination and trying to open the lock. If the combination did not set properly, repeat Steps 2 through 4 and test the lock again to confirm it is set.